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Fire extinguish operation control card EXT933
Component EXT933 is only applicable for MCU 304 systems but has equal functions.

Performance :

- For direct control of all necessary fire extinguishing equipments.
(a separate fire centre is not applicable)

- Suitable for control of gas, water, powder and foam extinguishing systems

- 4 controlled, secured activation lines,
- 3 for Magnetic valves 24V / 1A
- 1 for Signaller 24V / 1 A

- 4 additionally signal outputs for a floating distance changer of 30V/1A breaking
capacity at

- Pre alarm (Output A5)
- Triggering (Output A7)
- Emergency Stop (Output A13)
- Re-flooding (Output A14)

- Integrate in Fire Control Panels

- Triggered by Analogue-/Dialog detector in loop

- optional with or without pre alarm time (Trigger delay) for personal safety

- optional with or with out extinguish time limitation

- totally controlled by superior host system

- also for multiple area extinguishing systems.
Cause of the possibility of installing up to 6 cards in a FCP it is possible to link up
with other FCP so huge plants accrue, i.e. with 20 ore more extinguish areas.

- VdS-admission of the extinguish card : G 295054

Circuit diagram of the extinguish card :

Functional coherences :

- All inputs are connected with the alarm outputs from the associated detector zone cards,
and are active low /0V active

- PBD-Line (E5) and automatic (E4) are straight away active with out 2 alarm.

- E1 and E2 are in 2-zone-dependance assigned.

- Blocking E7 takes only affect on not yet activated extinguish cards. A card witch has
been activated can not be blocked anymore.

- Pre alarm time ( 0-60 s ) and extinguish time limit ( 0-1270 s) are setup up per DIP-
switch on the control card.

- Opening the FCP door prevents any type of activation (see Manual of the FCP, option
door switch)

- Reset of the outputs only occurs with FCP reset. Exception A10, see user manual of FCP

Technical Data:

Supply Voltage : 21 –29 V DC

Current consumption : A / 24 VDC

max. release current : Control line A10 1 A
Control line A11 1 A
Control line A12 1 A
Control line A15 1 A

Load resistor : Control line A10 1 KOhm/1 W
Control line A11 1 KOhm/1 W
Control line A12 1 KOhm/1 W
Control line A15 1 KOhm/1 W
Emergency Stop line 680 Ohm/0,25 W
Re flood line 680 Ohm/0,25 W

Times : Pre warning 0-60 Seconds
Flood/Re flood 0-1270 Seconds

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