VDI Legrand,

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5.) The value 3 is the normal setting for 633/PL detectors !
Therefore the value 3 will always appear next to new : initially.

Main menu / 4. Change life sign.:
Pressing the key '4' (in the main menu) will start the search for the detector connected (if still
unknown the display will show the message search detector address...') and subsequently call
up the following text on the display:

Change life sign
[0>off] [1>on]
current : 1
new : 1

By keying in a figure the value next to new : may be changed.
Once the required value is keyed in, this can be confirmed by pressing the 'Ent' key, causing
Easy Check to write the new life sign into the detector and to subsequently return to the main

The value next to new : can also be increased step by step using the '^' key or decreased
using the 'v' key respectively.


1.) Pressing the 'Esc' or the 'Men' key instead of the Ent key will cause immediate return to
the main menu and the life sign remains unchanged.

2.) The value 0 or 1 can be entered. Other entries will not be accepted and will produce a
corresponding fault message on the display.

3.) Pressing the 'Clr' key will delete the entry, if a typing error has occurred.

4.) Pressing the Ent key directly (without entering a new value) after the Clr key (i.e. if
there is an empty space next to new :) will lead to the same result as if the value 0 had
been entered and thus 0 written into the detector (life sign switched off).

Main menu / 5. copy detector
Pressing the key '5' (in the main menu) will lead to the copy menu.
This menu helps you copying important system files from a detector into a another (clone
detector). This is very handy to swap a old loop element (detector, if to dirty) against a new
one without messing up the running system.
i.e. detector STD633/PL 3300-OT parameters like loop address, life sign and sensitivity will be copied
from a old detector to a new one.

The Display shows following text:

---Clone Detector---
Insert Sour.Detector
ok[Ent] back[Esc]

After inserting the source detector and pressing the Ent key, the address and settings will be
read out.

As soon as finished the following text will be shown.

---Clone Detector---
Insert Dest.Detector
ok[Ent] back[Esc]

Now the new detector (destination) can be attached. After pressing Ent the loop address will
be read, continued with a compatible check.
Is every thing is ok than the new software will be installed on this detector or loop element and
receipted with to high bleeps.

Important ! Copying only with SSD, UTD and STD detectors from
Appl.-Vers. 37 onwards possible.

If any faults accrue then a fault message will appear.

Main menu / 5. copy detector: Fault messages

Here a list of failures messages witch can accrue and its cause:

1. ---Clone Detector---
Unknown Detector,
Clone NOT possible !

Cause: Unknown type of source or destination detector
Remedy: None, no copy possible if type unknown

2. ---Clone Detector---
Detector-Appl < Vxx
Clone NOT possible !
Cause: To old Appl .version of source or destination detector
Remedy: None, no copy possiblewith old Appl.

3. ---Clone Detector---
Types unlike,
Clone NOT possible !

Cause: Source and destination detector are different types
Remedy: Quit action and restart (with 2 the same types)

4. ---Clone Detector---
read error !


Cause: Source or destination detector could not be read properly
Remedy: Quit action and try again

5. ---Clone Detector---

Error, Dest.Detector

Cause: It was not possible to write onto the destination detector
Remedy: Quit action and try again.
If still no success than the destination detector is useless.
In this case please contact the detector manufacturer.

Main menu / 6. EasyCheck settins :
Pressing the key '6' (in the main menu) will lead to a change over into the sub-menu of the
EasyCheck settings (this is only possible form page 2 of the main menu; i.e. only if this menu
item is visible).

The display shows the following text:

Display page 1: ---Settings----
1. Auto Power Off
2. Back light
3. Language v

Display page 2: ---Setting----
4. Factory setting ^
Settings / 1. AutoPowerOff :
Pressing the key '1' (in the menu settings) switches over to AutoPowerOff menu. The
following text will be seen on the display:

AutoPowerOff change

current : 3 min
new : 3 min

The entry is effected in the same way as in. e.g. change of detector address.

The APO function (AutoPowerOff) is one of three functions to save the batteries.
The APO function causes the EysyCheck to switch off automatically after a certain pre-set
time (in minutes) in order to save the batteries.

- 1 - 3 -

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