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  Alternative to the system administrator or IT - service (engineering department) ,
is one of the main directions of our company services.
We will help to decrease the costs of company offices, Internet clubs and other and to support you services of system administrator, web-designer, graphic designer (instead of staff of quite a few workers), which is very actual and convenient at the moment of world crisis.
A price of month service instead of a one-time - that’s what we We offer you !

From October, 2009 "Abnet" company starts a close cooperation with "Karin" company (one of world leaders of development and manufacture of VDI systems, belonging to company "Legrand" company, in which quality and reliability indicate ten millions clients worldwide) on sale, installation and service of the network equipment.

Apply to us daily from 10:00 till 20:00 and you won’t be disappointed in our services !

Call us and be convinced !

You can contact us:

by tel. (094)103-503

or by e-mail


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